The Freestyle flyers offer a no charge mentoring program for the "Budding pilot" or seasoned pros looking to fine tune their skills.

If you're a beginner you will be partnered with a mentor to teach you the ropes. That way you can rest assured after a few weekends with your mentor you will be able to fly on your own. How do we do this? Quite often we us use a "Buddy Box", this is a system where one control box is connected to another via a cord or radio link, allowing us to let you fly and for us to catch you when you make a mistake.

A number of times a year we run "set-up" days where the detailed "set-up" and fine tuning of the helicopters are taught. Along with explanations of the most current systems we use to fly with, thus eliminating the often confusing and fast changing electronics within the current 3D helicopters.

Being a member of the Freestyle flyers allows you to draw upon the vast amount of knowledge held by it's members.


Flight Simulators and Other Training Resources 

We recommend the use of a flight training simulator for those wet and terrible days or to just brush up your skills








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